Pregnancy Termination (Abortion)

Pregnancy Termination (Abortion)

Pregnancy Termination (Abortion)

Curettage (abortion) is a medical procedure for termination of undesirable or problematic pregnancies, First of all a pregnancy test should be performed in a health facility in order to fully understand whether a pregnancy condition has occurred or not. According to the results of pregnancy, whether there is a pregnancy status Then after the request of a voluntary abortion from the patient or after a gynecological examination to be made, your doctor may decide to release the pregnancy.

Preparing for a surgical abortion

Always check with your clinic, but general instructions before undergoing an abortion include:

• Don’t smoke, eat or drink (not even water) for about six hours before the operation.

• Expect to be at the clinic for at least two hours.

• Bring sanitary pads, your referral letter, your blood group card, your Medicare card and any health care card you have.

• Arrange for someone to drive you home.

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