Hymenoplasty cost in istanbul

Hymenoplasty cost in istanbul

How much does hymenoplasty cost? Pricing

Hymenoplasty prices vary in different countries. It can be done at our Istanbul clinics. The experience of the physician who will perform the operation,price policy, permanent or temporary repair, and whether a vaginal tightening operation will be performed in the same session is important issues for the costs and pricing.

These factors should also be considered for the success of operation besides costs of the operation:
• Hygiene and sterility conditions of the clinic
• Technical equipment which can apply special microsurgery techniques
• Choosing quality threads and appropriate operation materials depending on the operation type
• Experience of gynecologist about hymenoplasty and genital aesthetic operations.

Our doctor has 20 years of experience in sewing zits. The experience of the physician is very important for the success of this procedure. Our doctor also carries out successful studies in the field of genital aesthetics. The presence of gynecological experience and aesthetic experience increases the success of hymenoplasty.

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