Hymenoplasty in Turkey

Hymenoplasty in Turkey

Hymenoplasty in istanbul

How is hymenoplasty done?

Hymenoplasty should not be considered only as a hymen repair. There are many types of hymen. There may be cases where the hymen is absent or completely closed. The general name of the operations performed for this purpose is called hymenoplasty. To get information about the types of hymen, you can read our article What are the types of hymen. The methods used for hymen suturing are known as temporary hymen suturing, permanent hymen suturing and hymen suturing with flap method. In the temporary hymen suturing, the vaginal wall is stitched together, and in the permanent hymen suturing, a tissue is formed instead of the natural hymen. For information on how hymenoplasty operations are performed, you can read our articles on how to make a temporary hymen and how to plant a permanent hymen..

What should you do before permanent hymen repair surgery?

Before permanent hymen repair, it is necessary to have no vaginal discharge. Otherwise, there will be an opening in the operated tissue due to infection. If there is an infection discharge, you must be treated with antibiotics before the operation. Hymen repair should be done right after your period or until 7 days before your period. Having menstruation immediately after the operation may cause the wound to be opened. Before the operation, you should stop washing this area with soap, shower gel or genital cleaner and you should not use a daily pet. There should not be problems such as allergies and dermatitis in the mucosa that will delay the healing of the wound site.

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