Best Virginity Doctor In Istanbul

Best Virginity Doctor In Istanbul

BEST Virginity Doctor in İstanbul

Hymenoplasty or virginity surgery is much more affordable in Istanbul than other countries in the west. Thus, medical tourism in İstanbul is at its peak at current times primarily due to the large influx of medical tourists opting for cosmetic genital procedures.

There are a lot of clinics that have come up all over the country offering the surgical procedure as there is a high demand for the same. Clinic vital is one such modern health care center offering hymenoplasty with the most advanced and updated sur
When is it possible to have sexual intercourse after a hymenoplasty?

After 15 days minimum, the time for the tissues to start healing.

Will I bleed during a sexual intercourse after hymenoplasty?

After hymenoplasty, bleeding is present in the way it is with a natural hymen.

Are there any risks associated with the surgery?

The operation carries few risks. However any operation carries a small risk of bruising, infection, disjunction, local sensivity troubles, usually temporary.

How much does it cost to undergo hymen repair surgery in İstanbul?

In Istanbul, the cost of hymenoplasty can be as low as 1000 usd and can reach to a maximum of 1500 usd. The average cost of hymen repair operation in India comes around 1500 usd.

All precautions regarding Corona virus have been taken in our center. We pay great attention to mask, distance and hygiene rules. Our patients who do not vaccinate 2 doses have to come with the PCR test. ⚠️

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We are discharged on the same day.

Moreover, the results of revirginization surgery may vary from one person to another depending on their age and technique used. Also, it is normal for patients to expect some minor side effects and complications after hymenoplasty. However, with proper aftercare tips these are easily manageable. Speak with us to know more about hymen repair surgery and its cost.

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